bleedlikme (bleedlikme) wrote in our_obsessions,

Yo! new to live journal and here! :)

  • Name: Audrey

  • Age: 16

  • Location: Ohio

  • Current height: 5'2

  • Current weight: 116
  • Highest weight with current height: 128 (eek!)
  • Lowest weight with current height: 84

  • Goal weight number 1: 105

  • Long term goal weight: 95 ish
  • Why did you decide to join our_obsessions?: this sounded nice

  • Would you like a support buddy?: I don't mind being someone's...but uh sure? lol

  • Msn: N/A

  • AIM: Bloodyrhapsody11

  • Yahoo: N/A

  • Do you mind if we add you to msn, aim or yahoo?: go ahead....but I'm rarely on lol

  • Any other comments/ conserns: hmmm...not that I can think of...I'm so tired! *yawn*
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