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  • Name: Rachel.

  • Age: 22.

  • Location: Southern California.

  • Current height: about 5'3.5"

  • Current weight: 218 :o( I'm so ashamed.

  • Highest weight with current height: ditto. this is the highest i've ever been.

  • Lowest weight with current height: 135ish. :X

  • Goal weight number 1: 199 lbs. I just want to get below 200...eek.

  • Long term goal weight: I'd be happy with 150. I used to weigh that in high school. OR anything below.

  • Why did you decide to join our_obsessions?: I have always struggled with my weight. I used to be much thinner back in high school (150 lbs) but felt fat so I went on a diet where I ate less than 600 calories a day and I lost 20+ lbs in like 2 months. I became obsessed with the way I look. Always looking in the mirrors. I want to be back to my high school size. I want to lose weight and at least get OUT of the 200's because it is dangerously unhealthy. I want to be a better person. AND I thought maybe I could meet girls who are going through the same thing I am and become diet buddies?

  • Would you like a support buddy?: YES please. ANYONE? We can email eachother or text or instant message or blog.

  • Msn: ---

  • AIM: faer1e pr1ncess and/or g0netojapan

  • Yahoo: ---

  • Do you mind if we add you to msn, aim or yahoo?: No i don't mind just instant message me and lemme know who you are and how you got my sn this way I know who I'm talking to!

  • Any other comments/ conserns: I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making friends! Oh and

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