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Hey everyone!

 I just joined this group so here goes.

  • Name:  Jill
  • Age: 23
  • Location: New Brunswick, Canada
  • Current height: 5'5"
  • Current weight: 141
  • Highest weight with current height: 165
  • Lowest weight with current height: 135
  • Goal weight number 1: 130
  • Long term goal weight: 120
  • Why did you decide to join our_obsessions?: I've been searching for ppl like me. I obsess in secret. I'm so lonely when it comes to these things. There is no one who understands around me and there is certainly no one like me. In the "real world" I only have one close friend and she far heavier than me and has no interest in weight loss, exercise or beauty stuff. I just want to be able to laugh and talk with someone about how crazing starving yourself can get, how hard being secretive is and that no matter how hard things may get, theres no chance in hell we will ever give up!!
  • Would you like a support buddy?: Heck yessssssss
  • Msn:
  • AIM: N/A
  • Yahoo: N/A
  • Do you mind if we add you to msn, aim or yahoo?: please do not, thnx.
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